How do we offer a different perspective, a new perspective? 

  • In our work, we are educational detectives.
  • We investigate why your child is having difficulty.
  • We get to the root of the problem so that we can affect real change.
  • We search for the root causes of the problem; we do not just put a bandage on the problem.

We serve ALL children. Just because a student does not have a PLAN or PROGRAM, it doesn't mean that the student doesn't have education issues.

We make sure the school has followed the appropriate steps, as mandated by the school system or federal and state laws, to providing the type of intervention your child needs

In our evaluations, we use a strength-based perspective because we want to know what a child can do. Why, because if we know the skills a child owns it will help us make recommendations that can strengthen his/her areas of need.

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